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Dineout World Cup 2014 Showdown
Deutches Haus Restaurant

Created On 30-06-2014

In this special feature, Dine Out picks out our two favourites to win the FIFA World Cup 2014. Now that the knockout stages have been confirmed, we believe the winner of the semi-final tie between Brazil and Germany will go on to win this year’s pinnacle prize in football. Let’s see how these two great footballing nations measure up in the culinary world.

Our first review takes us to Deutches Haus Restaurant & Bar @ JAYA33. As we step in, I am surprised by the rather dark setting which features minimal yellow lighting. I would have preferred a brighter ambience.

We started with the Bierhaus Salat (RM21), a plate of mixed greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, topped with smoked duck breast, almond flakes and parmesan. The saltiness of the parmesan goes well with the sourness of the vinegar, while there’s a bit of sweetness from the raisins. The overall texture is well-balanced between crunchy and tender.

It’s a bit like: Jerome Boateng

Next we had the Hungarian Goulash (RM19), a spicy rich beef stew with potatoes and carrots. I liked the flavourful broth but the beef chunks were a bit too dry. Solid but unspectacular

It’s a bit like: Per Mertesacker

Image courtesy: Isaac Tan

Our next dish was one of two highlights of the evening – the Sausage Platter (RM88). We were presented with 8 varieties of German sausages such as the Nurnberger and Thuringer. These comprised either pork, pork and veal or chicken. It comes with serving of sauerkraut and a wonderful cold potato salad. It’s accompanied by three sauces – senf mustard, garlic mayo and habanero mayo. Each sauce is distinctive but the sausages are so flavourful, they are good enough on their own. It’s not the prettiest-looking dish but it’s sure to satisfy.

It’s a bit like: Thomas Muller

Image courtesy: Isaac Tan

If German food ever enters the conversation, then pork knuckles most likely get a mention. We went for the Garlic-Herbed Knuckle (RM59), a humongous serving that comes with horseradish mashed potato, sautéed vegetables and a sauce that pairs well with the meat. My favourite part is the crispy skin, slightly charred. Sinful, I know but what a way to go on a cheat day! The vegetables were a nice touch, providing balance to a crunchy tender experience.

It’s a bit like: Bastian Schweinsteiger

Our drink selections of Fruit Punch (RM13) and Fruit Whip (RM13) were delightful in their own way. The former is light and flavourful with a good variety of fruity flavours, while the latter is smooth and creamy. The Fruit Whip comes in three flavours – orange, mango and pineapple. I ordered the mango, which has a thicker consistency than the orange and packs a more flavourful punch. Definitely one of my favourite drinks.

It’s a bit like: Toni Kroos

Image courtesy: Isaac Tan

Finally, we ended our evening with some sweet offerings. We called for an Apfelstrudel (RM16), a traditional Austrian pastry with cinnamon-laced apple, served with a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream. We expected a lighter fluffier texture from the pastry, so that was a little disappointing.  However, the apple slices were soft and moist with the cinnamon coming through nicely.

It’s a bit like: Mesut Ozil


Food              : 3.5/5
Drinks            : 3.5/5
Service          : 3.5/5

Ambience     : It should be fine early in the evening when there’s a bit of natural lighting entering via its open-air dining area but it gets rather dark and gloomy later in the evening. It’s fine if you’re there to sit at the bar but not so much if you’re having a meal with family or friends.

Pros             : Well, their specialties are certainly worth a second-visit and it’s easy to access and find parking here.

Cons            : Some of the items on the menu could do with slight improvements and more lighting should be installed.

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Written with passion by Caleb Ho

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