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"Traditionally Surprised!"

Created On 09-09-2013

The ambience is soothing with soft Japanese music playing in the background. Glass-top wooden tables and cushioned wooden chairs complement the dark and light brown hues throughout the interior. It’s a comfortable place to relax with some ocha, especially when one wishes to escape from the heat outdoors.

As the air began to chill slightly, I looked forward to the Miso Soup (RM 5). Served hot in a standard Japanese soup bowl, its rich stock is well-complemented with diced tofu, sizable chunks of salmon and a dash of spring onions. Nothing more you can ask for from the quintessential Japanese soup. Follow that with the Chawan Mushi (RM 5) and you have a decent start to a Japanese meal. The egg texture is thick and silky smooth topped with a two slices of shitake mushrooms and spring onions with small chunks of pork and crabsticks at the bottom. Still, I felt it could do with more ingredients in-between.

After a single serving of Hamachi Sushi (RM 8) which was as good as any regular sushi, I was presented with a delightful assortment of Sashimi - scallops, salmon, tuna and crab roe sat on a bed of ice with a huge vegetable leaf and parsley. In Japanese cuisine, ‘freshness’ is a must and more so than others. On this part, Fukutei did not disappoint.


Next, I was presented with a beautifully crafted row of Dragon Maki (RM 25) – crab roe covered sushi with a prawn tempura, cucumber and seaweed centre. The crunchy and crispy centre contrasted well with the soft rice and creamy mayonnaise which was lined on the side. I’m not so much of a ‘raw’ food person, so to me, this was definitely the best dish of the day. For most people, this would cap a nice end to a meal but as I’m perpetually hungry and never seem to put on the pounds (I’m so lucky, I know!), I decided to go for the Ebi Tempura - five crispy flavourful flour-wrapped prawns in a wooden basket which certainly made my day. This, despite the flour being slightly thicker than I would have liked. The chef later explained to me that it was not just the flour that made the difference to the almost translucent batter which tempura is famed for, but also the type and grade of oil used. Using imported frying oil from Japan would be too costly and certainly would not justify the RM 16.80 price for the dish.


My experience at Fukutei was pleasant but left me slightly dissatisfied considering what I paid. The food is acceptable but not spectacular. However, if you’re looking for a classy and comfortable Japanese restaurant but don’t want to travel too far from Klang, then Fukutei is the place for you.


Food: 3.66 / 5

Drinks: 3.5 / 5

Ambience: Cozy and classiest Japanese restaurant you can find in Klang.

Pros: It’s spacious and has private dining rooms.

Cons: The food is acceptable but hardly any surprises.



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