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La Bodega
"An Authentic Spanish Revolution"

Created On 24-02-2014

Written with passion by Sylvia Leow

For our pre-Chinese new year catch-up, my friends and I went to Bangsar Shopping Centre. It was still busy just two days before CNY.

We had not made any reservation but had no problem finding an al fresco table at La Bodega.  We thought that this would be the best option – small bites – before the CNY feasting that would follow over the next two weeks.

It was a little dark sitting under the canopy but it was cool and comfortable.

We ordered a selection of tapas – champinones al ajillo (button mushrooms sautéed with butter, garlic and parsley, RM17), gambas al ajillo (tiger prawns sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chilli, RM35), albondigas “saint climent” (lamb meatballs in a rich brandy sauce, RM18), and of course, we simply had to try the famed chuletas de cordero a la parilla (grilled lamb cutlets gratinated with garlic mayonnaise, RM20).

To start, we also ordered a pate de tomate (sun dried and fresh tomato pate, RM12).  This was served with a basket of sliced white and brown rolls.  Our imagination whisked us away to a sunny Spanish coast, where we were sitting outdoors enjoying this tasty paste.  One of my friends couldn’t get enough of it and licked the plate clean.

When the waiter came around to set the table for the tapas, another friend tried to give a feeble excuse about not wanting to over-eat.  But the waiter would not have any of it, and still set down a plate and cutlery for her, saying “You must try” with a wicked grin.

(Picture courtesy of John Gan, FoodSpotting.com)

And tried we did.  The button mushrooms were aromatic in its buttery sauce.  I could eat the mushrooms forever.  The tiger prawns were lightly sautéed with just the right touch of chilli.  The tapas portions were reasonable, as it gave us the opportunity to try several dishes without too much guilt.

(Picture courtesy of John Gan, FoodSpotting.com)

I enjoyed the lamb meatballs as the meat was cooked just right with a luscious tomato and brandy sauce.  The highlight, though, must surely be the lamb cutlets.  The plate arrived with three cutlets and I was initially suspicious that this might not be enough for us.  But once I bit into the first cutlet, I realized that the cutlet was pure tender meat.  This is hands-down the best dish of the night.

The dishes were deceiving in their “tapas” sizes, because by the end of the meal, we had no room left for dessert.  There were no regrets because, instead of dessert, we were treated to La Bodega’s extensive wine selection which was an excellent way of complementing our authentic Spanish dinner.


La Bodega

G109 & GK3, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285,
Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya,
Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, 59000  

Tel:  03-2287 6318


Food: 4 / 5
Drinks: 3 / 5
Service: 3 / 5

Ambience: Cool, relaxing mood if you get to sit under the canopy on a lovely evening.  There's a friendly casual buzz about the place, that is recalls a Mediterranean setting.

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