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Maria's Steakcafe Bangsar
"Till the Cows Come Home"

Created On 13-11-2014

Written with passion by Caleb Ho

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before but just in case you haven’t, it’s an expression that means, ‘for a long but indefinite time.’ That’s exactly how I felt when I sunk my teeth into that tender juicy chunk of Australian Wagyu steak at the newest Maria’s Steakcafe outlet in Bangsar. Once my photographer and I took our first bite, our eyes widened into an immensely satisfying grin. We were begging for that taste to linger in our mouths till the cows come home (make that some of the finest cows on the planet!) I know the Japanese will beg to differ but Japanese Wagyu is on a different planet altogether and will cost you a bomb. Here at Maria’s, it’s ‘nothing fancy, simply good food’.

Forgive me for getting ahead of myself here. The 200gm Australian Wagyu 7 steak (RM 180) wasn’t the first thing we had that Saturday evening. There were other dishes before and after which were all good but once we had a taste of that succulent chunk of beef, it was like the ONLY thing we had eaten all day. Those slightly charred crispy salty edges covering that mountain meat of juicy treasure - if you’ve never had a taste of Wagyu beef; you’ve never eaten beef before. Uh-uh. (I’d better stop myself here before I turn this into a review of one dish instead of six).

Our day was greeted by the lovely manager of the restaurant, Angeline. Her warm personality is a bit like this establishment – Classy yet unpretentious. More chic than its Damansara Perdana outlet, we found comfort beside the brick wall adorned with beautiful wine bottles, while a selection of English and Mandarin beats played softly in the background.

We started off with the Potato Leek Soup (RM 9.50). Thick, creamy and smooth; the tiny bits of leek blends in perfectly to make it a flavourful starter.

The flavourful theme continued into our next dish, Spicy Mussels (RM 22) which featured mussels drenched in a spicy tomato base. Accompanied by crispy buttery slices of garlic bread, this dish is perfect if you’re feeling a little hungry but don’t want to spoil your dinner.

Our first taste of beefy goodness came from the Australian Rib Eye (RM 60). This grain-fed version has a texture that is slightly coarse yet tender enough to please. Savoury melting chunks of butter on top enhance the overall taste. It also features a wonderful side of vegetables and potatoes. I know, I know, it won’t ever compare to what we had next but if you’re feeling that little bit poorer (like I do at the end of the month), then this is good enough to satisfy your craving for a good piece of steak; until you save up enough dough for that supreme slice of Australian Wagyu 7 heaven.

The beef was good but how can we forget dessert? We ordered a generous serving of their Carrot Walnut Cake (RM 9.50) and Prune Cake (RM 9.50). Both feature a moist, soft, warm texture that’s not too sweet. While I’ve had quite a few carrot walnut cakes before, the latter was something new to me. The prunes offer a sweetness that isn’t too overpowering and the texture is lighter and fluffier than the former. It’s definitely a nice first for me.

And with that, this man and his photographer bade farewell to Maria’s Steakcafe, having enjoyed a good meal, and grateful that they could live to tell the tale of the day they tasted beefy satisfaction. Now, if only all the cows that came home were Australian Wagyu.

Maria’s SteakCafe
58 Jalan Maarof,

Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2282-2220


Open from12:00pm- 10:30pm (Daily)


Price RangeRM 30 – RM 150



Food    : 4/5
Drinks  : 3/5
Service : 3.5/5


Ambience: On a laid-back evening when the place isn’t packed, it’s a nice escape from the hustle and bustle out there with its classy yet warm interior and a relaxing selection of music in the background.

Pros: It’s hard to find a place that offers premium steaks at affordable prices and Maria’s Steakcafe is one of the few. This is true even for many of the items on their menu. As a comparison, I once ordered a chicken chop in a posh so-called traditional coffee shop in Klang. It was overpriced and tasted awful. The chicken chop at Maria’s Steakcafe is priced less and tastes way better.

Cons: As always with Bangsar, it’s hard to find parking. A small price to pay for a good meal though.

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