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My Elephant
" A Flavourful Feast"

Created On 19-08-2013

If you’re a Thai food-lover in the Klang Valley, chances are you would have been to myElephant, the quaint and unassuming restaurant located at Happy Mansion, Section 17.

About a year ago, the owners opened their third outlet in Aman Suria, called myElephant+, featuring a predominantly Northern Thai menu. While the interior is more minimalistic, myElephant+ still retains the same vibrant colours, textures and “home-deco” concept that give the restaurant its charm.

Having dined previously at the outlet in Section 17, my expectations were quite high. So with the help of Thomas, the friendly restaurant manager, I braced myself for a truly memorable culinary adventure.

Safe to say, I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

For starters, we had the Tom Som – a clear Galanghal-Lemongrass-Lime soup with aromatic Thai herbs. Comparable in taste to its more popular counterpart, tom yum¸ the light sweet-sour-spicy seafood soup was the perfect start to our meal.

Tom Som (RM28 for medium bowl that serves 4pax) – a balance of flavours

Next, we dug into the Som Tam Malakor – green papaya salad with dried prawns and peanuts. It was topped with deep-fried fish crumbs that really added another dimension of flavour to the dish! Light, crunchy, spicy, savoury and refreshing – what more could you ask of a salad?

Som Tam Malakor (RM12) is unique to the Aman Suria outlet.

Another special on the menu, unique to this outlet, is the Thai Wings on Fire. The grilled Buffalo wings were coated in a delicious Thai dressing – though it wasn’t as “fiery” as the name implied. With 8 pieces per plate, this is certainly a dish meant for sharing.

The finger lickin’ good Thai Wings on Fire (RM15)

The highlight of the meal for me though, was definitely the roasted duck curry. When I first saw the dish, I was expecting it to be too thick for my liking. Plus, I’m not a big fan of fruits in my curry.

However, the Gaeng Phet Yaeng turned out to be a total winner! Light and flavourful, without being too heavy on the cream, the curry surprised me with its delicate balance of flavours and tender duck pieces. Even the fruits (lychee and grapes) were not overcooked or limp – they tasted good and made the dish that much more interesting.

No wonder it is listed in the menu as “High on Demand”.

Gaeng Phet Yaeng (RM30 for small bowl) is a must try for duck-lovers!

Topping off our meal with refreshing, fruity concoctions – Green Passion, Green Aroma and Green Mango Cooler – we left the restaurant in a happy daze, and vowed to return!


No. 22, PJU 1/43, Aman Suria, Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7886 1451


Food: 5/5
Drinks: 4/5
Ambiance: Modern, bright, friendly.
Pros: Not your average Thai restaurant – serves innovative and fairly-priced Northern Thai cuisine. Pork-free.
Cons: Not easy to access, being located on a one-way street.

To find out more about myElephant, click here.

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