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Top 5 Steamboat Restaurants in Klang Valley

Created On 19-06-2014

Gone are the days where you typically have only 2 options of soup base with typical ingredients when it comes to steamboat banqueting. But fortunately, current epicurean world dictates a much more diversified comfort food, as it revolves around discerning gourmands. So get ready for your taste bud to be tickled amusingly by these 5 Steamboat Restaurants in Klang Valley that deserve a try for its varieties as well as some twist of culinary creativities. Check them out!


G-YiTang Hong Kong Dim Sum  聚一堂香港点心


Located at the friendly neighborhood of Subang Jaya, G- YiTang, Hong Kong Dim Sum Steamboat aims to serve a mean steamboat feast to cotton you over on their wide varieties of delicious steamboat sets, appetizers, homemade fare, meat slices, vegetables, assorted mushrooms and others. Known to be generous with huge prawns, one would definitely be bowled over by the freshness and fantastic spread of their seafood menu. Topping the best seller soup base are Curry and Pork Bone Soup. The former wins the heart of most foodies with its engaging mild coconut milk and spice aroma that you won’t find elsewhere. So get ready to relish in their signature ala cartes like  Assorted Homemade Meatballs ofFish, Pork and Squid,  Deep Fried Beancurds with Fish Paste, New Zealand Lamb Slices, juicy Prawns or even Bacon!

Just like the ethos adopted by the restaurant, “ Reunion and Enjoy the Moment” !



Plus One Shabu Shabu  一家利港式火


If you are still yearning for a more options on soup base, then be prepared to really be spoilt for choices literally over here at Plus One Shabu Shabu. No joke!

Nestled humbly at Bandar Puteri Puchong, diners would definitely be amazed with its jaw-dropping extensive selection of soup base, ranging from over 18 choices, to tantalize your taste bud in the most exciting way. This comes as no surprise as the restaurant owner, Steve, is a soup enthusiast by himself, who often experiments in coming up with new soup broth. Among the unique offerings would be the White Fungus Papaya Broth, Preserved Egg with Chinese Parsley Broth, Macau Pork Bone with Corn Broth and the crowd-pleaser Thai Tom Yam Broth.

Hence, don’t forget to indulge in your personalized individual pot with New Zealand Rib Eye Set, Deluxe Seafood Set or even Pork Loin Set. Meat are thinly sliced and tenderly juicy. Ah, also do try out the signature sides like the Black Pearl (Hong Kong Century Egg) and Deep Fried Hong Kong Fish Skin (Wan Yu) too, before rounding up with nourishing Chinese home-boiled herbal tea.


Home Town Steamboat Restaurant


Up for a more adventurous and funkier attempt? Then Home Town Steamboat Restaurant might be able to surprise you with its unconventional Sweden Cheese Fondue with Chicken & Dory Fish. Contrary to the usual Chinese style, this golden broth is served in a smaller pot that consists none other than melted Sweden Cheese itself. The accompany sides for this Western twist fare come slightly different where you get to whet your palate with cubes of fluffy bread, French fries, fried fritters of fish and chickens that are meant to be smothered with the gooey yellowish cheese fondue! Delightfully gratifying and hence, this pot of cheesy goodness is surely match-made for cheese lovers!


Sanuki Udon


Much have been heard and said about this modest enterprise serving handmade udon. But little is known to the public that Sanuki Udon is now also serving Udon Steamboat, in a concerting effort in bring more liveliness to this homey Japanese staple. It is only served at night and made to order with a group of minimum 2 pax. But we would suggest that this wholesome pot feeds comfortably up to 3 people. Interestingly, the only soup base used here is of Japanese mirin, which is on the sweeter note. Sharing the same pot is the mixture of steamboat fare such as carrots, bean curd, radish, lots of onions, several chicken cutlets, huge spring onions and last but not least, the homemade udon itself. Clear and saporous taste is the best way to describe this healthful and flavourous pot. Best to go along with some dashes of sichimi too.


Takumi Fine Dining Japanese Restaurant



Guests at Takumi Fine Dining Japanese Restaurant could expect an exclusive dining experience with its scrumptious Shabu Shabu treat in a warm and cozy atmosphere. This modern healthy lifestyle eatery entices the palate of Japanese enthusiasts with its impeccably thinly sliced marbling beef selections, ranging from Angus beef, Wagyu beef or even Matsuza beef. The soup when boiled with the rest of fresh vegetable ingredients alongside premium beefs gives rise to a clear yet savory lingering mouthful-taste. Dipping the tender meat in Ponzu-shoyu or Goma sauce further enhances the enjoyment zestily.

Fret not that your complexion would be over moisturized by the steam coming out from the boiling pot las they do have a pretty good ventilation under the air-conditioned environment. Hence, it is considered one of the best place to hold a family feast at this airy, clean and casual environment,


Indeed there is vast diversity in steamboat trend nowadays, from Chinese, Western to Japanese rendition. Therefore, the only way to enrich your gastronomic journey is by embracing this neo-cuisine gleefully. Afterall, variety is the spice of life right?



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