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"Whips Up Some Fun"

Created On 11-09-2013

Food that progresses - in the right direction

It’s always a celebration when a friend’s birthday comes around. Choosing the right place to fit the occasion can be tricky depending on what type of person the birthday boy or girl is. In this case, good food and fun was on the order list, so we headed to W.I.P. at Bangsar Shopping Complex.

The place certainly looked like a work in progress, which is what the acronym stands for. Bare grey cement walls with exposed red pipes snaking the ceiling of the interior certainly lend their purpose. Brown tables and cushioned steel chairs are spaced out across the indoor dining area while the outdoor section welcomes patrons with black cane tables and chairs fitted with clear glass tops and red cushions respectively. Our party of 12 occupied the outdoor tables on a raised wooden platform and felt right at home. With a good selection of upbeat and easy-going classics such as ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ by Toploader, the air was screaming “P-A-R-T-Y”! My stomach was about ready to party as well!

We whetted our appetite with the recommended Calamari (RM19) and Tofu Puffs (RM16) and recommend them, they should. The calamari was one of the best I’ve tried. Squid is such a tricky meat to work with. Apart from getting the texture right, flavours don’t seep into it as easily as other forms of meat. Most restaurants rely heavily on the sauce to give the calamari the flavour it needs to over-ride the blandness but W.I.P. can keep theirs in the bottle - crunchy on the outside, soft and bursting with flavour on the inside, it’s every fried squid-lover’s dream! The same can also be said of the Tofu Puffs. A crispy outer shell covering a soft, piping hot centre filled with minced prawn and cucumber. Another winner!

With such high expectations set so early on, there’s always the fear that the main courses might not live up to their lesser-priced cousins. In W.I.P.’s case, there are 2 sides to the verdict. The Snapper with Ratatouille Pasta (RM30) lacked cream in the sauce and comments from others who had pasta were only mildly encouraging. My personal dish however, the Ocean Collection Aglio Olio (RM35) had a nice garlic sauce which was thick and slightly spicy. Some might find it a bit dry but overall, the fettucini was cooked to the right texture and the seafood accompaniments were well-flavoured. The Hawaiian Pizza (RM25) had a thin crunchy base with generous toppings of tasty chicken chunks, thin slices of ham, tomato, pineapple and onions while my friend gave the Cordon Bleu Chicken (RM25) the thumbs up. Highest praise was reserved for the Chapatti which my birthday friend commented, “It’s good dei… and this coming from an Indian!”


While most of our friends were done for the night, those with a sweet tooth like me decided to top our night with the Apple Pie, Crepe and Volcano. The first 2 were average and since they were outsourced, I would recommend W.I.P. to strike those off the menu. The Volcano, which is done by W.I.P. on the other hand, was worth the stomach space. A moist chocolate cake with a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate drizzle, it was clearly the winner in the sinful desserts category.


Food: 3/5
Drinks: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5  



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